Early Warning Indicators and Resilience

Phase transitions are characteristic of complex systems. We attempt to quantify early warning indicators and resilience for complex systems that undergo shock. These can be classified into three categories:

  • Social Resilience - How is a groups’ resilience affected by external shock? I look at examples, such as hurricanes and protests using Twitter.

  • Emotional Resilience - How is an individual affected by an emotional shock? I specifically look at examples comparing Twitter users with depression to a control sample.

  • Group Resilience - How are individuals affected by group influence? Using game data from Twitch Plays Pokemon and Unanimous AI, we use information theory and collective intelligence methods to see how individual users are affected and how consensus is reached.

We use a variety of analysis tools in these projects, such as sentiment analysis, topological data analysis, and network theory.

Krishna Bathina
Decision Science Associate Consultant

Data scientists interested in complexity and systems science